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Fishing Charters in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

  • Trip of a lifetime  

Fishing Charters in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

  • Trip of a lifetime  


New Smyrna Fishing Charter

Inshore fishing

 redfish caught inshore fishing new smyrna beach

         Inshore Fishing Charter Prices                                    

3hrs @ $299!

4hrs @ $399!

5hrs @ $499!

Rate includes up to 2 Anglers, $75 for each additional Angler   Areas we Fish Inshore   Mosquito Lagoon,New Smyrna ,Spruce Creek                                                                                                     

  • Fish You’ll Catch Inshore

Sea trout

black drum


yellow tail jacks




Mango Snapper

Sheep head

Deep sea fishing

trolling for kingfish offshore new smyrna beach

                Deep Sea Fishing Charter  Prices                              

3hrs @ $499!

4hrs @ $599!

6hrs @ $799!

Full day @ $899
Rate includes up to 2 Anglers, $75 for each additional Angler up to 6. Please note for farther out reefs add an additional $125 for fuel which include live reefs. $99 for each additional hour. Gratuity is greatly appreciated a premium service. Fish You'll                catch Offshore:    Snapper,Grouper,Amberjack,Kingfish,Sharks,Tuna,Mahi,Cobia, Tarpon                               

Shark trip


Take a Shark Fishing Charter!

379 – 2 Hours   $479 – 3 hours $599 – 4 Hours   All Summer Long 100% Guaranteed Catch.  Shark fishing trips in New Smyrna Beach Our Shark fishing along our beaches is the best, that’s why we are called ”The shark bite capital of the world”. Thousands of sharks roam our beaches, and April thru October is our best months to be 100% guaranteed to catch, if you don’t then your chart with me is free. I only thing I cannot guarantee is the type of shark you will catch because many species of shark roam these waters and certain times there are more of one specie than others. The most common sharks to catch along  New Smyrna beaches are: spinner sharks, black tip, sharp nose, lemmon, bull, bonnethead and most peoples favorite the hammerhead shark.I use lots of techniques to insure success such as big bait like 10 pound plus bonita tide off the back of the boat for chumming these monsters up. Many days during the summer 1000s of sharks will be behind the boat allowing us to cast at the shark we want to catch. Note there are regulations on sharks; which ones and there size as to determine whether you get to keep, that’s why you hire a professional fishing guide not only because we have the skills to successfully insure you catch and how to handle these toothy critters but also we have to constantly keep up with any new changes that are implemented.I have been shark fishing since 1985, and there’s never been a dull moment. These fish stand up to their name; incredible fight, very aggressive, always a thrill and excitement leaving you wanting more. You will love this! Book a shark trip  today for line screaming, rod bending action.After this your arms will be tired!

Google Reviews

Margaret month ago

I have chartered twice with Captain Brad and plan an a third charter soon. First charter we caught huge red fish. Second charter I caught 6 shark we hooked up 2 large Tarpon and brought in a huge Cobia. It is obvious that Captain Brad took the time to plan for us and recommended a great day and the right conditions to catch fish. Captain Brad and Brooks are knowledgeable and very helpful.

                                                                                  Carla Radke a month ago

Awesome fishing experience! My 7year olds first time fishing on a boat. Captain Brad taught him how to be a successful fisherman! Caught lots of 🎣 fish!!! We had a blast!

                                                                    Shay Fogel    4 years ago

The captain and his mate Steve are extremely good guys and extremely knowledgeable. I have been on fishing charters before. I live in the Daytona Beach for years, I plan on ONLY going fishing with Captain Brad. If you listen to him, you will catch. My kids are already eating from all of the mangrove snappers we caught. We had a great time bringing up a couple of sharks offshore as well. The boat was great. The Captain and Steve are very meticulous about keeping it clean and if you respect that, you will have a great time. We did and highly recommend them. 


Deep Sea & Inshore Tours

A Trip to Remember

Booking with us ensures that you have a fantastic fishing adventure. Our experienced captain has over 25 years of fishing experience. Everything is up to date and double-checked to provide you with a safe and rewarding experience that the entire family can enjoy.

A Tailored Experience for All

We have 2 boat charter that are available for both deep sea and inshore fishing charter throughout the year. All ages and all experience levels are welcome! We also offer educational tours and bird dolphin ,manatee  watching excursions.

We Provide Everything You Need

You won't have to worry about not being prepared. We provide everything you need to get you started on the right foot. We provide all license ,permits, rods, bait, tackle, and we even offer to fillet your catch gratuity greatly apreciated